Market Research & Analysis

ResearchWhether you need to strengthen engagement, stake out a more powerful position, enhance product or line performance, or identify an effective communications platform, Time Invest can deliver strategic insights that lead to more success in the marketplace and profitability for the business. We do so by offering the following research approaches:

Our quantitative approaches incorporate sophisticated modelling and multivariate analysis techniques, designed to uncover powerful and actionable insights.
We provide industry leaders with a range of innovative research approaches to address critical issues in development, marketing and communications. Our mission is to extract the highest level of strategic thinking from any project we conduct to guide your decision-making on critical brand, product or marketing issues.

We deploy a wide breadth of qualitative methods to engage your target audience, probe beyond the superficial, and get to the emotions that motivate thinking and ultimately action.

We can:

  • Help you optimize your brand proposition and competitive position and provide insights to better build and evaluate your advertising and marketing efforts.
  • Identifying a powerful and cohesive set of messages from individual ideas that are motivating, unique, believable and also fit with the brand.
  • Provide maximum guidance in forming an effective positioning with consumers
  • Evaluates your competitive position and identifies ways to improve it
  • Maximizes brand development and product line decisions
  •  Provides strategic and tactical solutions for strengthening customer relationships