Capacity and level of workload and location:

Location Bulgaria.  Production facilities include buildings built up area – 1449.10 square meters, land -12,374 m2 Winery, Winery  is a French type of solid building comprising reception room, manufacturing and administrative offices. The receiver unit is placed in service in 2002. Has capacity of 25 tons of grapes per hour and is made of chrome nickel. Tanks with a capacity of 100 tons, 10 tons and 3 tons are made of chrome nickel purchased in 2003. and 2006. The remaining tanks with capacity of 25 tonnes and 30 tonnes are reinforced. The production of the winery is built on two levels with a total capacity of 660 m2
In 2003. with SAPARD production capacity of the winery has been extended by another 430 square meters total-internal and external chrome vessels equipped with footbridges and a metal spiral staircase. Total capacity of the winery – producing 1.2 million liters of wine annually. The load capacity is within 70-75% / year production from 800,000 to 900,000 liters /.